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PSG Academy Cup 2021


The largest gathering of Paris Saint-Germain Academies in Paris. 


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Cup is an international soccer tournament organized by Paris Saint-Germain, involving a selection of the most talented Paris Saint-Germain Academy players from all over the world.


An incredible experience for players who have the chance to represent Paris Saint-Germain Academy Australia, while pursuing their dreams of playing soccer at the highest level possible!


International Socca World Cup 2021



OZ5 is on the only official registered center in Australia to organise Socca World cup qualifications. 


Qualifications tournaments will be organized in august and the winner will reprenst Australia at the World Cup 2021 in Greece. 




Red Bull Neymar Jr's FIVE 


Red Bull Neymar Jr's Cup is back in Australia in 2021! This year we are celebrating the 5th edition of Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five, with our women's competition going into its third year.


The rules ? Simple. Each match last 10 intense minutes, there's no goalkeeper and whenever a team score, the opposition loses a player. You need to outplay them all!